The Secret To Running a Business While Being A Road-Trip Addict

With the launch of the recent #MBTweetRace by Mercedes Benz USA, everyone is talking about Road Trips. Yes, it seems like all of Twitter has Road Trip Fever. Now, I'm not so arrogant to say that I invented road trips, but I will be so arrogant to say that I have mastered the art of combining Social Media with road trips. (At least for me...) With so many people being familiar with the original Social Media Adventure that I in 2008, and the follow up in 2009 I'm getting asked a lot of questions about what I did, how it worked, etc. One question that comes up often is a very simple one: How do you keep your business running while you're traveling across the country in your shiny yellow car? Fair question, isn't it? Some Secrets To Life On The Road I have a load of Four-Hour-Work-Week type secret weapons that help me keep life rolling along. Here are a few of them: TimeSVR - Not your ...

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Weekend in Sedona, Arizona – Enchantment Resort

Occasionally, but not too often, I will be asked the question: Joseph, why do you love Arizona so much? I travel all over the continent in my shiny yellow car and I always seem to find myself back in Arizona before much time has passed since my last visit. This year, I have made 5 separate trips down here, and most ...

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Salt Lake City – #tweetup, sightseeing, connecting with friends!

It's been almost 4 days since Tamara & I have arrived and we've been having an incredible time in Salt Lake City... what a blast! The Social Media Adventure is in full swing - we've been seeing lots of sights, meeting lots of great people and creating a ton of memories. Friday night we had our #tweetup in the park, and got ...

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UTAH – A day late, but WELL worth the wait!

After the amazing surprise (see yesterday's post) I got about my new co-pilot and partner-in-adventure, Tamara Schilling (@TamaraSchilling), I had to postpone the departure to Utah to take care of some planning for the remainder of the trip. Well, what could be considered a day late, we are finally leaving for Utah - right now! Here is the video of us packing up "Bumblebee", the faithful steed in form ...

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Social Media Adventure begins… Winnipeg to Denver!

It's midnight, I've just finished playing basketball.... what is the obvious next thing to do?  (well yes, shower, but I mean AFTER that...) Fill up the tank, post my cell # to twitter and start driving to Denver! The Social Media Adventure Summer Tour Officially Begins! The first leg of the journey begins with a trip to Denver, where I will visit my absolute favorite Social Media connection: @TamaraSchilling ...

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