The Secret To Running a Business While Being A Road-Trip Addict

With the launch of the recent #MBTweetRace by Mercedes Benz USA, everyone is talking about Road Trips. Yes, it seems like all of Twitter has Road Trip Fever. Now, I'm not so arrogant to say that I invented road trips, but I will be so arrogant to say that I have mastered the art of combining Social Media with road trips. (At least for me...) With so many people being familiar with the original Social Media Adventure that I in 2008, and the follow up in 2009 I'm getting asked a lot of questions about what I did, how it worked, etc. One question that comes up often is a very simple one: How do you keep your business running while you're traveling across the country in your shiny yellow car? Fair question, isn't it? Some Secrets To Life On The Road I have a load of Four-Hour-Work-Week type secret weapons that help me keep life rolling along. Here are a few of them: TimeSVR - Not your ...

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Nashville – No country singers, but plenty of Social Media nerds.

It's amazing how quickly the highway passes when you're driving nearly 100 miles per hour. Ummm, anyway... As I pulled my little yellow bee into Nashville, I tweeted my goal for Nashville: Plan for Nashville: 1) date a country singer, 2) find a hip hop radio station. #SMA2010 (see the tweet) Some is better than none right? I found a hip-hop station... No luck on the country singer thing. ...

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