Social Media Stole My Kidney

The focus on the Social Media Adventure is to demonstrate the power of Social Media to bring people together to form authentic in-person relationships. While the majority of the posts on here are experiences from my own travels, this one was WAY too cool to pass up. Amy Donohue (@TheFabulousOne ) is an "unfiltered & vocal woman" (Her words, I wanted to use "loud mouth") and often speaks without thinking. That gets her plenty of laughs as a comedian, but it got her plenty more when, in response to @DiyaMarketing's tweet about her mother's need for a kidney transplant, she blurted out: I'll do it. I'll donate my kidney. What do I need to do? Here's the story as Amy tells it: Love the ending: "I gotta pee." The story has gotten tons of recognition in the media and #TinyFabKidney was a trending topic in Twitter. Check out the feature spot on The Today Show: There is still plenty of opportunity to help. As Amy mentioned in her ...

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Social Media Adventure Facebook Page

The Social Media Adventure is please to announce the launch of a new Facebook page. On the Facebook page we will be posting lots of content that might not make it into the blog, including: Pictures of our travels across the country Videos that we make in the mighty Bumblebee Links to cool places that we visit and think you might like Shout outs to ...

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