UTAH – A day late, but WELL worth the wait!

After the amazing surprise (see yesterday's post) I got about my new co-pilot and partner-in-adventure, Tamara Schilling (@TamaraSchilling), I had to postpone the departure to Utah to take care of some planning for the remainder of the trip. Well, what could be considered a day late, we are finally leaving for Utah - right now! Here is the video of us packing up "Bumblebee", the faithful steed in form of a shiny, yellow car. (Once we get officially spnosored by Mazda, we'll mention that it is an RX8) Yeah, she packed snacks... AND A PILLOW! Isn't she incredible? This is going to be the coolest road trip ever! We've already lined up a bunch of cool people that we're going to meet up with in the Salt Lake City area, including a 2.0 bar. (not sure what that all entails, but i hear it will be awesome) If you are in the SLC area, or know anyone cool who is, let's connect! We'd love to ...

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