#12DaysOfGiving Day 11: Lisa Hammond @thebarefootceo & Grameen America

For Day 11 of the #12DaysOfGiving challenge, we are thrilled to feature Lisa Hammond, The Barefoot CEO (@TheBarefootCEO). Lisa is a powerhouse of a woman making an impact on the planet, and we are fortunate enough to be connected to her through my good friend Michelle Sedas (@MichelleSedas). Lisa's twitter bio reads: Best Selling Author of Dream Big, and 5 other books. Founder Femail Creations. Passionate about helping others find, follow & reinvent their dreams. Lisa's charity of choice, is an incredibly genius organization, Grameen America. In her own words: Gifts that Give Back Last year for Christmas I got a goat, water, a small business in Haiti, and a brain.  Please allow me to explain… My son donated a goat in my honor through Heifer International. My daughter donated to Kiva in my honor.  Through Kiva I was able to fund a woman with a micro loan for her business in Haiti. My husband donated drinking water in my honor to a village through Charity Water. My sister donated her ...

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Fun times in Dallas with Michelle Sedas

One of my favorite connections on the Social Media Adventure is most definitely Michelle Sedas. The short version of the story is that Michelle was one of the funniest participants ever in the "text Joseph to keep him awake while he's driving" game. (The long version would take a book... so, we're writing a book together) Why You Should Love Michelle Sedas Michelle is an amazing woman. According to her ...

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