Crowdsourcing Breakups – What to do with an unused engagement ring?

Social media is a powerful tool for creating new relationships. Every day we make connections through friends, and friends of friends, as we go about our social media journey. The purpose of the Social Media Adventure was to demonstrate this potential with live case-studies by journeying across the country to meet in-person those friendships that were previously only online. Social Media has helped me create these relationships with hundreds and hundreds of people. But, do we ever consider how social media can be used to help end a relationship? A New Perspective On Crowdsourcing For those of you just tuning in, it was through twitter that I met my former girlfriend-turned-fiancée. (A mutual follower introduced us and said we should connect.) It's been over six months since that relationship ended. Over that period of time, I've gotten one common question that I haven't came up with a good answer for yet: What are you going to do with the ring? I don't know, honestly. I do know ...

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Social Media Adventure heads to UTAH tomorrow morning!

The Social Media Adventure has been in Denver for 2 weeks... WOW! I wasn't expecting to stay this long in one spot, but after connecting with @TamaraSchilling and falling TOTALLY IN LOVE, I needed to stay long enough to grow our relationship into what is now a Social Media Love Story! (see Tomorrow morning I leave for adventurious Utah! I'm excited to connect with @BobbyFogg (the awesome guy ...

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