Social Media Adventure begins… Winnipeg to Denver!

It's midnight, I've just finished playing basketball.... what is the obvious next thing to do?  (well yes, shower, but I mean AFTER that...) Fill up the tank, post my cell # to twitter and start driving to Denver! The Social Media Adventure Summer Tour Officially Begins! The first leg of the journey begins with a trip to Denver, where I will visit my absolute favorite Social Media connection: @TamaraSchilling (For more information on why she's my favorite, visit This part of my trip is solo, which means I don't get to nap while someone else drives Bumblebee, my shiny yellow car that I secretly pretend is a transformer.  To help me stay awake, I send out a tweet inviting any night owls to text me.... special shout outs to: @Aug1698 & @aka55 for responding with some exciting text messages! (Seriously, you guys rock) Even though I am excited to make it to Denver, I take it ...

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