Social Media Adventure storms upon Provo!

Wow, Utah has been amazing to us! After leaving Salt Lake City we went down to Provo to check things out. We took an amazing drive up OVER the top of the point of the mountain... instead of driving AROUND like the interstate would suggest we should. :) Check out some of the pics on Google Maps. When we got to Provo, our first stop was Tucanos, the awesome brasilian restaurant! Yeah, and when I say awesome... I mean AWESOME! They don't just have a salad bar, they have a salad celebration. (literally, that's what it's called!) And meat?  Yeah, they got meat... any hopes I had of claiming to be vegan went totally out the window when they came around with what looked liked giant swords with freshly killed animal. Inhumane? Some might say. Tasty? ALL would agree! :) They even had chicken hearts... I loved them, and was super ...

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Another great day in Salt Lake – Tabernacle Choir, Emigration Canyon, etc

Yesterday was another amazing day on the Social Media Adventure here in Salt Lake City! Tamara & I woke up early to enjoy the sunrise from the balcony from where we were staying.  We forgot to take pictures, but here is a peak of what the view is like... just picture the sun rising, instead of already being in ...

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Salt Lake City – #tweetup, sightseeing, connecting with friends!

It's been almost 4 days since Tamara & I have arrived and we've been having an incredible time in Salt Lake City... what a blast! The Social Media Adventure is in full swing - we've been seeing lots of sights, meeting lots of great people and creating a ton of memories. Friday night we had our #tweetup in the park, and got ...

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Social Media Adventure arrives safely in Utah!

Okay, so this was the first stretch of the trip that I had the beautiful @TamaraSchilling with me. It went incredibly well... unless of course you count the "let's smack Joseph in the face with a laptop case while he is driving" incident. (Yes, we HAD to make a video about it...) [caption id="" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Early morning WYoming"] [/caption] Once we got the bugs & laptop assault ...

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