Name Your Challenge – Use & Abuse Joseph for the Autism Fundraiser

I get it. You've been watching me encourage you to donate funds in this awesome fundraiser for 5 days now. You're probably wondering if it's ever going to stop. You might be getting bored of me asking, again and again, to donate to these wonderful kids, diagnosed with autism, that need your support. (All of our support) I realize that, and I want to keep things exciting and amazing for everyone. So, here's your chance to have a little fun with me: What would you like me to do? Gail pledged $50 if I'd shave my beard and keep a goatee. Aimee pledged a date if I'd raise $500. How creative are you? Name your price, and whatever "outside the box" type of activity you want to see me do, and I'll ask my friends if they think it's a good idea. It doesn't matter if you want me to sing for you, go on a date for you, write your name on my chest and do ...

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