Social Media Serendipity Part 2 – Millionaire Mind Intensive (Denver, CO)

"Hey, don't I know you?" I asked as she handed me her business card. "Ummm, that depends... who the heck are you?" she replied. :) "I follow you on twitter!" I exclaimed as I recognized her. Yeah, it was really cool... Today, while attending T. Harv Eker's Millionaire Mind Intensive in Denver, Colorado, I met Michelle Mangen (@mmangen) of The Virtual Asst. Even cooler was hearing her tell the story of how we got connected in the first place... :) After she finally recognized me (I guess I'm not as handsome in real life as I am in my pictures...) she told me that she was doing some research on social media marketing for a client of hers and found an article that I published about #FollowFriday and Twitter. After reading that article she eventually found her way to a few of my other sites, including Social Media Love Story, which is how she eventually found me on twitter. Long story short? Social ...

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Social Media Adventure Crashes “All Girls Tweetup” in Arizona!

Yeah, I read the rules... "GIRLS ONLY!" That just made me want to go even more.  Well, not because of the girls, but because I had a flashback to those many times when my mother would say "you can't have a cookie." You know, it just made me want it even more. :) To be honest, I wasn't PLANNING on crashing it.  ...

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