Video Footage of my “First Facial Ever” at the Spa in Phoenix, Arizona

In my recent post entitled Massages & Facials & Day Spas, Oh My! (A la Phoenix, Arizona…) I detailed the experience I had when I took the Social Media Adventure to the Suddenly Slimmer Day Spa in Phoenix Arizona. The short version of the story is that I spent a day at the spa, and got a massage and a facial. (For the record, I have never had a facial before.... I'm kind of a tough guy. You know, burly like a lumberjack?) Anyway, Mr. Social-Media-Tough-Guy-Who-Has-Never-Had-A-Facial-But-Decides-To-Blog-About-It was really excited for the facial. Seriously, how could I not be excited about lying naked on a table while some gorgeous woman massages my face? I was loving it... until it started to hurt. I don't know what a facial really is all about, but they pulled out some type of medi-evil torture device and started extracting life from my face. (or so it seeemed) Bottom line, ...

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Denver Tweetup – Fun memories with the Social Media Adventure!

Talk about fun times... the tweetup in Denver was an absolute blast!  The weather was absolutely gorgeous, the sun was shining, the park was full of great people and the there was even a zipline! (Yeah, just check out the picture of me on that zipline to get an idea of a) how much fun we had, and b) what ...

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Salt Lake City – #tweetup, sightseeing, connecting with friends!

It's been almost 4 days since Tamara & I have arrived and we've been having an incredible time in Salt Lake City... what a blast! The Social Media Adventure is in full swing - we've been seeing lots of sights, meeting lots of great people and creating a ton of memories. Friday night we had our #tweetup in the park, and got ...

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