Social Media Adventure SURPRISE!!! :)

Wow, late last night I got the BIGGEST SURPRISE EVER! My favorite genuine social media connection, @TamaraSchilling (yeah, let's be honest... not just my favorite, she's the girl of my dreams! I'm MADLY in love with her... :)) surprised me by letting me know that she would be joining me on the Social Media Adventure! (A hope that I had been harboring for a looong time) Check out: Social Media Love Story to see her post & video. (and you could check out the hidden camera post, too, to see my reaction! *blush*) I'm so thrilled!  So, instead of leaving for Utah this morning as I intended, we spent the day planning the entire summer trip! We are SO looking forward to connecting with as many of you as we can as we travel across the country! We are leaving bright & early in the morning, so off to bed for now... look out Utah, here we come! :) See you soon, Joseph!

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Social Media Adventure begins… Winnipeg to Denver!

It's midnight, I've just finished playing basketball.... what is the obvious next thing to do?  (well yes, shower, but I mean AFTER that...) Fill up the tank, post my cell # to twitter and start driving to Denver! The Social Media Adventure Summer Tour Officially Begins! The first leg of the journey begins with a trip to Denver, where I will visit my absolute favorite Social Media connection: @TamaraSchilling ...

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