TweetUp: AJ Bombers in Milwaukee, WI – Foursquare Swarm Badge

I recently read this awesome case study on How To Use Foursquare To Draw A Crowd Into Your Restaurant (or any local business for that matter) by Steffan Antonas (@SteffanAntonas). The case study outlined how AJ Bombers - a burger restaurant in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin - capitalized on the Foursquare Swarm Badge to bring in a whole lot of customers to their location at a time that was normally slow. Over 300 people came for burgers and badges... The campaign was an overwhelming success and has gotten significant coverage in a variety of channels. Do you know what I was thinking? "I want one of those Bomber Burgers!" (That, and "what a great idea to kick off the 2010 Social Media Adventure!") Let's Meet... We Can Be Friends! So, for the first stop on the 2010 Social Media Adventure (#SMA2010), I thought it would be a ton of fun to stop in at AJ Bombers and see what the fuss ...

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