The Day I met Mark Horvath

This is a special blog post by Tahl East, Campus Director of CDI College in Winnipeg. From a very young age I wanted to change the world. Maybe it was the fact that I spent many a night in bomb shelters in Northern Israel, maybe it was the time spent in South Africa as a tween during apartheid or maybe it is the fact that I am an immigrant to Canada. Either way, before I even understood how to make the world a better place I was doing it. Saving injured animals, babysitting all the neighbourhood kids, running my own summer camps in Jerusalem (I was 11) or feeling bad for the terrorists who were captured, empathy was and still is me. So when I was asked to do a presentation about volunteerism and community involvement for my colleagues at the Wynn in Las Vegas last month, I jumped at the opportunity, planned and organized my ...

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Couchsurfing VS Facebook – Which is more important to Social Media?

I was reflecting on how when I first launched the Social Media Adventure over 2 years ago, I wasn't really doing anything new... to me at least. The concept of traveling around the world to meet people for the purpose of forming & strengthening relationships was something that I, as well as many others, I'm sure, have been doing even before the advent of Facebook & Twitter. Better Than ...

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