Joseph’s Bad Hair Fundraising Project for the National Autism Association

Okay, here's the deal, I'll make it quick: here's a really great chance to show the power of Social Media and help some very special kids in the process. I'M NORMALLY A VAIN GUY... ...but I have gone over 7 months without a haircut. WOW! I figure I deserve a prize, or money or some kind of a medal for this magnificent feat, especially considering how vain I am. BUT, i'm not asking for a prize... instead, I'm making it about the children. IT'S UGLY... WANT JOSEPH TO GET A HAIRCUT? This shag needs to be cleaned up, it looks horrible. Instead of appealing to my vain side, though, I'm going to hold out for a good cause: children living with autism. LET'S HELP SOME KIDS IN NEED, SHALL WE? Let's raise $500 together. Okay? Each day, I'm going to post a bad-hair picture until we reach our goal. Will you donate the cost of lunch to help the kids with autism? If you don't, I might just stay ugly forever. Yuck. Go ...

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Social Media Serendipity – Lunch with Lotay Yang & Surprise Guest Mariel Hemingway

Today was the best day ever. (Many reasons, but here's one of them) When I started the Social Media Adventure I had one simple but powerful purpose: To prove that social media has the power to develop authentic, genuine in-person relationships and help bring people together to make the world a better place. Since then, I have been a passionate advocate of the belief that amazing things happen through social ...

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Phoenix, Arixona – Whole Foods, Whole Friends, Whole Lotta Fun!

When I started the Social Media Adventure, it was driven by love. (Insert a big Awwwwww, isn't that sweet? here.) More specifically, it was driven by a love for 2 things in particular: My love for people (and making new friends) A love for social media To be honest, what could be more fun than combining those things? I didn't think it was possible... But ...

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Foursquare Saves The Day… Almost. (The Phoenix Food Caper)

In case you hadn't noticed by now, I love Foursquare. If you're not familiar with Foursquare, it's a geo-location app integrated with social media interactivity. In non-geek speak, it means that you can scout around the city doing fun things and let your friends know what you're up to.  It's also a fun treasure hunt, where you can earn badges just like back in boy scouts. Yay! [caption id="attachment_316" ...

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Social Media Adventure Crashes “All Girls Tweetup” in Arizona!

Yeah, I read the rules... "GIRLS ONLY!" That just made me want to go even more.  Well, not because of the girls, but because I had a flashback to those many times when my mother would say "you can't have a cookie." You know, it just made me want it even more. :) To be honest, I wasn't PLANNING on crashing it.  ...

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