Social Media Serendipity Part 2 – Millionaire Mind Intensive (Denver, CO)

"Hey, don't I know you?" I asked as she handed me her business card. "Ummm, that depends... who the heck are you?" she replied. :) "I follow you on twitter!" I exclaimed as I recognized her. Yeah, it was really cool... Today, while attending T. Harv Eker's Millionaire Mind Intensive in Denver, Colorado, I met Michelle Mangen (@mmangen) of The Virtual Asst. Even cooler was hearing her tell the story of how we got connected in the first place... :) After she finally recognized me (I guess I'm not as handsome in real life as I am in my pictures...) she told me that she was doing some research on social media marketing for a client of hers and found an article that I published about #FollowFriday and Twitter. After reading that article she eventually found her way to a few of my other sites, including Social Media Love Story, which is how she eventually found me on twitter. Long story short? Social ...

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World Record Man-Made “Bishop’s Castle” visted by Social Media Adventure

Every Social Media Adventure needs a magical castle, doesn't it? :) Yeah, we agree... so we took an awesome trip through the mountains outside of Pueblo, Colorado to an amazing hidden gem of a special attraction, Bishop's Castle. This castle is a hand-made creation of a single man, Jim Bishop. For over 30 years Jim has been building this castle by hand...with no outside help at all! Check ...

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Salt Lake City – #tweetup, sightseeing, connecting with friends!

It's been almost 4 days since Tamara & I have arrived and we've been having an incredible time in Salt Lake City... what a blast! The Social Media Adventure is in full swing - we've been seeing lots of sights, meeting lots of great people and creating a ton of memories. Friday night we had our #tweetup in the park, and got ...

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Social Media Adventure SURPRISE!!! :)

Wow, late last night I got the BIGGEST SURPRISE EVER! My favorite genuine social media connection, @TamaraSchilling (yeah, let's be honest... not just my favorite, she's the girl of my dreams! I'm MADLY in love with her... :)) surprised me by letting me know that she would be joining me on the Social Media Adventure! (A hope that I had been harboring for a looong time) Check out: Social ...

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Social Media Adventure heads to UTAH tomorrow morning!

The Social Media Adventure has been in Denver for 2 weeks... WOW! I wasn't expecting to stay this long in one spot, but after connecting with @TamaraSchilling and falling TOTALLY IN LOVE, I needed to stay long enough to grow our relationship into what is now a Social Media Love Story! (see Tomorrow morning I leave for adventurious Utah! I'm excited to connect with @BobbyFogg (the awesome guy ...

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Social Media Adventure evolves into a “Social Media Love Story”

Many of you know that I chose Denver as my first stop on the Social Media Adventure for a very specific reason... (hint, it begins with @ and ends with TamaraSchilling) If you have read my original post on The Power of Social Media to Create Genuine Relationships then you know that I am passionate about connecting with people, for business and for pleasure.  Well, what began as ...

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