Random Tweet + Tesla Roadster = New Connections

It started with a random tweet. It ended with a ride around Winnipeg in a Tesla Roadster and a new friendship. I saw @KeithBilous tweet about how much he loved giving people rides in his recent "birthday gift to himself": A new Tesla Roadster. I responded and said I wanted a ride, too. :) Seeing that my Twitter profile says I'm in Phoenix, he joked that if I were in Winnipeg, he'd swing by and pick me up. (Little did he know... that's the tweet that got him in trouble) I'm originally from Winnipeg and was back in town visiting family & friends, so I responded with my current whereabouts to see if he was really serious. He was. 15 minutes later, I was making a new friend from the passenger side of an electric sports car. #FunTimes Here's a video clip of us getting lost in Winnipeg: (Yeah, sorry about the sideways angle. I'm still learning how to manage my iPhone.) [caption ...

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Memorial Day Weekend in Phoenix – Social Media BBQ

There are few things better than a barbecue with good friends, but this one was over-the-top amazing. In my previous post I described how the Social Media Adventure is about combining my love for travel, people and social media into one exciting adventure, and about how my friend Stephanie Quilao (aka @SkinnyJeans) uses her site www.Noshtopia.com to combine her love for social media with food for the greatest ...

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Phoenix, Arixona – Whole Foods, Whole Friends, Whole Lotta Fun!

When I started the Social Media Adventure, it was driven by love. (Insert a big Awwwwww, isn't that sweet? here.) More specifically, it was driven by a love for 2 things in particular: My love for people (and making new friends) A love for social media To be honest, what could be more fun than combining those things? I didn't think it was possible... But ...

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Shortcuts In Social Networking & Stranded in the Tropics

It was a cold, snowy night in Winnipeg (that's in Canada in case you didn't know) and I had an hour of driving left. Following my usual keep-me-from-dozing-while-driving protocol, I posted a tweet inviting my followers to phone me and chat. Ring, ring. "Uh, hello. Is this Joseph?" Asked the sweetest southern drawl I'd heard since the last time I was in Atlanta. "Why yes it is," I replied. "Who ...

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