Las Vegas Luxury Hotel Choice: The Bellagio, A 5 Star Hotel

In my last post, I explained a bit about how I crowdsourced my luxury hotel reservations in Las Vegas. First off, thank you so much for sharing your experiences and giving me some input. I have only been to Las Vegas a few times, so your feedback was super helpful. It was also super fun... some of you had some pretty wacky stories to tell. ;) I do have to apologize, though. The previous post only included the input from my twitter friends.  Neither that post, nor the video, gave any props to my facebook friends who were such a wealth of information. (Maybe a bit too much information in some Long story short, I got tons of responses and in the end the answer to "what luxury hotel should I stay at?" was very clear: The Bellagio. Yes, I know what some of you may be thinking... "big deal, you picked a hotel."  ...

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Crowdsourcing Luxury Hotel Reservations in NYC, NY

Some may call it ambivalence, others may call it laziness... They may both have a point. Confession: I left my hotel reservations up to my twitter friends. What is the best luxury hotel in NYC? Any suggestions? #nyc (view original tweet) The truth is, though, I have never been to NYC before, so I thought I would ask for some suggestions from my social ...

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