Social Media Adventure in Winnipeg, Manitoba – The Hidden Video

I my last post: Winnipeg Tweetup – Hometown Social Media Action, Finally! I talked about the awesome experience I had at my first tweetup in my hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba. I also leaked that there may be video...  here it is. :) Well, it ain't no celebrity sex tape, but I'd say it still pretty much awesome... especially considering that I have no video editing skills whatsoever. :) Sadly, though, my favorite Winnipeg tweeter didn't make it into the video. I'm not sure if that's because she knew I would somehow manage to put the words "celebrity sex tape" into this post or if she just wasn't there in time. So, to make sure she gets her fair share of embarrassment, I will put her picture into this post. Yup, that's her on the leather couch with me... doesn't she look happy? :) So there it is. My amateur home movie ...

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