#12DaysOfGiving Day 8: Lotay Yang & Black Card Circle Foundation

Day 8 features Lotay Yang (@Lotay). Lotay was one of the first connected with when I first got active on twitter several years ago. He's been recognized as someone using twitter to inspire the world, but, having had the chance to spend time with him both personally and at his Black Card Circle Foundation events, I can vouch that inspiring is who he is all the time, not just online. Lotay has a heart to give, and genuine wants to see others be the most kind, loving versions of themselves possible. His Twitter bio reads: Founder, Black Card Circle®; Chairman, Black Card Circle Foundation; Philanthropist; Music Lover Accordingly, his charity of choice is the Black Card Circle Foundation.   “We cannot all do great things, but we can do small things with great love.” Mother Teresa of Calcutta Black Card Circle (BCC) and Black Card Circle Foundation (BCCF) were founded as acts of love for God and for my father who passed away ...

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Social Media Stole My Kidney

The focus on the Social Media Adventure is to demonstrate the power of Social Media to bring people together to form authentic in-person relationships. While the majority of the posts on here are experiences from my own travels, this one was WAY too cool to pass up. Amy Donohue (@TheFabulousOne ) is an "unfiltered & vocal woman" (Her words, I wanted to use "loud mouth") and often speaks ...

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Road Trips, Tweeting Cell Phone Numbers & Making Friends

On my recent trip to Thompson, Manitoba, I had plenty of time to think. (Thompson is about 8 hours north of Winnipeg... brrr!) So, after I ran through all my thoughts, I had another 7 1/2 hours of drive time ahead of me. As I'm known to do, I tweeted my cell phone number and asked for some moral support in the form of inspiring or funny text messages ...

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