Weekend in Sedona, Arizona – Enchantment Resort

Occasionally, but not too often, I will be asked the question: Joseph, why do you love Arizona so much? I travel all over the continent in my shiny yellow car and I always seem to find myself back in Arizona before much time has passed since my last visit. This year, I have made 5 separate trips down here, and most of them last a lot more than a few days. (One of them was over a month) The truth is that there are a bunch of reasons why I love Arizona. In order to save someone from blushing, however, this post will be limited to one reason in particular: Sedona. [caption id="" align="alignright" width="270" caption="Enchantment Resort"] [/caption] Sedona is a small, but famous-all-over-the-world, city located near the middle of Arizona. It's about an hour and a half drive (yes, I was mostly following the speed limit) and since I was driving in the middle of the night, the ...

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Millennium Trail bike trip, Thompson Manitoba

Day 3 of my August Long Weekend adventure in Thompson, Manitoba. My friend Dan MacIntyre and I decided to head out for a bike ride on the Millennium Trail. The Millennium Trail is a gorgeous path along the river and through the woods surrounding Thompson, MB. It is 15km of varied terrain with absolutely spectacular views of the water, trees, wildlife and sunshine of northern Manitoba. Along the way ...

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