Social Media Adventure heads to UTAH tomorrow morning!

The Social Media Adventure has been in Denver for 2 weeks... WOW! I wasn't expecting to stay this long in one spot, but after connecting with @TamaraSchilling and falling TOTALLY IN LOVE, I needed to stay long enough to grow our relationship into what is now a Social Media Love Story! (see Tomorrow morning I leave for adventurious Utah! I'm excited to connect with @BobbyFogg (the awesome guy who is responsible for me & Tamara meeting), @andrewjamesinc (one of the most genuine entrepreneurs on the web), and @SarahWard (a friend of mine from years back, jewelry designer, entrepreneur and a gorgeous model - forget it boys, she's married). If you are in Utah, I'd LOVE to connect with you... send me a message and let me know where you are! :)

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