Dinner with a Homeless Dude
Meeting Mark Horvath, found of Invisible People.

As it always does, it began with a tweet.... 20 minutes later I was having dinner with a homeless dude. Actually, you can safely blame @GregHartle for this fiasco. Him and @tahlari, to be precise. After seeing @tahlari send a tweet announcing a presentation by Mark Horvath, champion of the cause to bring light to the homeless: Have you or someone you know been affected by homelessness? Please join us tomorrow for Mark Horvath's presentation at 280 main st at 6:30pm I was reminded of a blog post I read back in January from @GregHartle's project: Ten Dollars & A Laptop: Socks and a Smile: A Glimpse Into Homelessness In America Something about the socks stuck in my mind, and I remembered @hardlynormal's name. So I responded to @GregHartle: Hey @greghartle, isn't @hardlynormal one of your friends? We are both in Peg City at the same time. Would love to connect. #Winnipeg #intro Greg responded in the affirmative, and ...

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