Winnipeg Tweetup – Hometown Social Media Action, Finally!

You know, it's funny. I travel all over the USA and Canada on the Social Media Adventure. I get requests from Facebook & Twitter friends from all over the world requesting that I come visit their tweetups or meet them in person. I get text messages and phone calls from social media connections from literally every continent (except Antarctica). Then, a tweetup happens in my own home town, and I don't ever hear about it. Maybe I should be taking a hint.... (I'm deciding to blame it on logistics instead) Thankfully, @Denezy one of the people that I connected with via twitter while on my road trip to Atlanta was thoughtful enough to send me a text message: You going to that tweetup at 6:30pm? It was 5:45pm. I was also wearing pajamas because I was working from home all day. Oh, did I mention that it was over an hour away? (Mental calculation: 5:45pm + 1 hour ...

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