Social Media Adventure goes to Costa Rica

When I first launched the Social Media Adventure, I wanted to connect with online friends that I hadn't met in person. Very simply, I started driving and went to various cities meeting my social media acquaintances in real life. The support was absolutely overwhelming, and more often than not I was asked the question by those I hadn't yet met in person: When are you coming to my city? OR When are you coming to see me? Surprising to me, many of these requests were from foreign countries. Numerous times I was asked: When will the Social Media Adventure go international? Well kids, the answer is... right now. Social Media Adventure visits Costa Rica I have always wanted to visit Costa Rica. I can't exactly say why it has appealed to me more than any other country, but for the last 5-6 years I have had a constant whisper in my heart: "Go to Costa Rica". It's gotten a lot ...

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16 Amazing Men on Twitter and the Awesome Charities They Support –
Huffington Post Article

Sean Gardener, columnist for the Huffington Post recently wrote this: I've received hundreds of emails and tweets from people who were inspired by my blogpost, 16 Amazing Women on Twitter and the Awesome Charities they Support. But many also wanted to see a post about 16 men doing extraordinary work, and who value service and volunteerism. And, they wanted to hear about more nonprofits making a difference, and ...

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