Social Media Adventure visits Pisew Falls in Thompson, Manitoba

In Canada, we have an addiction. It's an addiction to long weekends. You see, each month of the year, we need to have a holiday which gives us an excuse to stop working and enjoy the beautiful country around us. (Or go drink beer) Each month has a very good reason. ie: New Years, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Victoria Day, Family Day, etc.... August doesn't have a special reason. So, we just call it... are you ready for this?.... the August Long Weekend. Brilliant, isn't it? Anyway, I decided to take the Social Media Adventure on trip up to Thompson, Manitoba and see a good friend of mine. Funny that I would take the social media adventure to a place that doesn't even have cellular service... Along the way I stopped at a beautiful place called Pisew Falls. Here are some of the pictures I took: What did you do this past weekend?

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