#12DaysOfGiving Day 9: Amy Neumann @CharityIdeas & National Domestic Violence Hotline

Day 9 features an amazing woman with an amazing topic & charity. I'm beyond happy to have Amy Neumann (@CharityIdeas) as our feature today in #12DaysOfGIving. Amy is another person who was featured as someone using Twitter To Inspire The World, and I've had the chance to meet her in person through our friend Lotay (featured on Day 8) at one of his Black Card Circle Foundation events. She is also a regular contributor to the Huffington Post and a leading voice in using social media to benefit charities and other good causes. Her twitter bio is colorful and awesome: Passionate for #socialgood! people + #charity#nptech. Insatiably curious. Eternal optimist. ? @12DaysGiving#12DaysofGiving ? http://soc-impact.com Her post, about the National Domestic Violence Hotline, is thought-provoking and just might make you cry... or, even better, donate. Help a Woman Break the Chains of Domestic Violence The Holidays are about giving, sharing, and spreading joy, which is why Iā€™m honored to be part of the ā€œ12 Days of Giving!ā€ Sometimes things ...

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#12DaysOfGiving Day 8: Lotay Yang & Black Card Circle Foundation

Day 8 features Lotay Yang (@Lotay). Lotay was one of the first connected with when I first got active on twitter several years ago. He's been recognized as someone using twitter to inspire the world, but, having had the chance to spend time with him both personally and at his Black Card Circle Foundation events, I can vouch that inspiring is who he ...

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Social Media Serendipity – Lunch with Lotay Yang & Surprise Guest Mariel Hemingway

Today was the best day ever. (Many reasons, but here's one of them) When I started the Social Media Adventure I had one simple but powerful purpose: To prove that social media has the power to develop authentic, genuine in-person relationships and help bring people together to make the world a better place. Since then, I have been a passionate advocate of the belief that amazing things happen through social ...

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