Dinner with a Homeless Dude
Meeting Mark Horvath, found of Invisible People.

As it always does, it began with a tweet.... 20 minutes later I was having dinner with a homeless dude. Actually, you can safely blame @GregHartle for this fiasco. Him and @tahlari, to be precise. After seeing @tahlari send a tweet announcing a presentation by Mark Horvath, champion of the cause to bring light to the homeless: Have you or someone you know been affected by homelessness? Please join us tomorrow for Mark Horvath's presentation at 280 main st at 6:30pm I was reminded of a blog post I read back in January from @GregHartle's project: Ten Dollars & A Laptop: Socks and a Smile: A Glimpse Into Homelessness In America Something about the socks stuck in my mind, and I remembered @hardlynormal's name. So I responded to @GregHartle: Hey @greghartle, isn't @hardlynormal one of your friends? We are both in Peg City at the same time. Would love to connect. #Winnipeg #intro Greg responded in the affirmative, and ...

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Social Media Adventure Facebook Page

The Social Media Adventure is please to announce the launch of a new Facebook page. On the Facebook page we will be posting lots of content that might not make it into the blog, including: Pictures of our travels across the country Videos that we make in the mighty Bumblebee Links to cool places that we visit and think you might like Shout outs to ...

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Salt Lake City #tweetup… Come meet Joseph & Tamara!

What's the first thing to do when you get to Utah? Well, for us it was take a nap & have a shower. Umm, showers... :) Then we went to an amazing mastermind session with @AnnWebb, @BobbyFogg, @SeanMFleming, @SeantayFleming, @BobbyGJames and a few others. It was a mastermind session that is held weekly, and is open to the public. If you want more information, check out Ann Webb's ...

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Social Media Adventure evolves into a “Social Media Love Story”

Many of you know that I chose Denver as my first stop on the Social Media Adventure for a very specific reason... (hint, it begins with @ and ends with TamaraSchilling) If you have read my original post on The Power of Social Media to Create Genuine Relationships then you know that I am passionate about connecting with people, for business and for pleasure.  Well, what began as ...

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