Where is my Tuxedo?? (Another Reason I’m #LovinLogistics)

When I started the Social Media Adventure way back in the early days, I threw a few shirts & shorts into the trunk of my car and hit the highway to meet my online friends in person.  I wanted to put a practical application to the notion that the web is connecting us and bringing us together. Some things have changed since I originally departed, but the wardrobe situation is pretty much the same. (I'm a simple guy.) Road trips rarely call for any sort of formal wear... but lately I have wondered if I've graduated beyond a basic road-tripper into the big leagues. You see, lately I've had some fancy-pants events that I've had to dress up for. Does that make me important? Fancy-pants Event #1: Boys & Girls Club Fundraiser The Boys & Girls Club is one of my favorite charities. I love the practical work they do in giving children the resources, relationships ...

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