Social Media Adventure Crashes “All Girls Tweetup” in Arizona!

Yeah, I read the rules... "GIRLS ONLY!" That just made me want to go even more.  Well, not because of the girls, but because I had a flashback to those many times when my mother would say "you can't have a cookie." You know, it just made me want it even more. :) To be honest, I wasn't PLANNING on crashing it.  I actually had the discipline to resist going (which is a miracle considering the fact that I knew that my Dream Girl @TamaraSchilling would be there) but then a cosmic change in plans happened.... Here's how it went down: I log on to twitter early in the morning to check the status of the universe I get a message from the amazing man who produced the Social Media Adventure videos: Joe Pena of Joe Pena Productions. (@JoeTheProducer) He tells me that he is in Arizona on business (he lives in Chicago) and wants to meet in person ...

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