Day 5: @JosephRanseth & National #Autism Association – #12DaysOfGiving

Hey! Welcome to Day 5 of the #12DaysOfGiving Challenge! This project has been a powerful testament to the power of community. What started as a simple idea and conversation between two people has evolved into a viral movement involving 1000's of people. Thank YOU for being a part of it. I believe that we can help each of the charities involved, but also help remind everyone out there how good their lives really are, and inspire them to give back. (Because giving kicks ass, of course) My charity of choice? The National Autism Association. Why the National Autism Association?   Did you know that in 1980, 1 in 5000 children were affected by Autism? Now, that number is 1 in 110. Let that sink in... 1 in 110 kids born today will be affected by the Autism Spectrum Disorder. And, if your baby happens to be a boy, it's 1 in 70. (Having a ...

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Bad Haircut Fundraiser featured on Breakfast Television

Breakfast Television Winnipeg ran a segment called Positive Changes using Social Media about the Bad Hair Fundraiser for the National Autism Association this morning. Check it out!  

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Social Media Adventure meets Jim Cuddy of Blue Rodeo

What an awesome day... I'm always ranting about the amazing power that social media has to bring people together for a good cause (the Bad Hair fundraising project for autism this past week has been a great example of that), but my favorite stories to tell are the ones where cool stuff seems to happen totally at random. (Take Social Media Serendipity part 1, 2 or 3 for ...

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Joseph’s Bad Hair Fundraising Project for the National Autism Association

Okay, here's the deal, I'll make it quick: here's a really great chance to show the power of Social Media and help some very special kids in the process. I'M NORMALLY A VAIN GUY... ...but I have gone over 7 months without a haircut. WOW! I figure I deserve a prize, or money or some kind of a medal for this magnificent feat, especially considering how vain I am. BUT, i'm ...

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