Millennium Trail bike trip, Thompson Manitoba

Day 3 of my August Long Weekend adventure in Thompson, Manitoba. My friend Dan MacIntyre and I decided to head out for a bike ride on the Millennium Trail. The Millennium Trail is a gorgeous path along the river and through the woods surrounding Thompson, MB. It is 15km of varied terrain with absolutely spectacular views of the water, trees, wildlife and sunshine of northern Manitoba. Along the way we found an awesome brook to stop at. We chatted for hours and then I decided to hop in the water. (Well, I tried to skip along the rocks, but they weren't very sturdy so I ended up taking a little dip in the water) If you ever make it up to Thompson in northern Manitoba, be sure to check out the Millennium Trail... and say hello to my friend Dan! :)

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Cliff Jumping Advenures at Mid Lake – Thompson, Manitoba

August Long Weekend... Day 2. I came up to visit one of my best friends ever who happens to live in Thompson, Manitoba. (aka the frozen tundra of northern Canada) My friend is Dan MacIntyre, and he is as good of a friend as any man could ask for... just ask me about the time he flew down to Fort Lauderdale on the ...

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Social Media Adventure visits Pisew Falls in Thompson, Manitoba

In Canada, we have an addiction. It's an addiction to long weekends. You see, each month of the year, we need to have a holiday which gives us an excuse to stop working and enjoy the beautiful country around us. (Or go drink beer) Each month has a very good reason. ie: New Years, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Victoria Day, Family Day, etc.... August doesn't have ...

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