Six Degrees of Social Media Separation & Phoenix Spa Adventures

Have you ever connected with someone on social media only to later ask the question,"how in the world did we get connected in the first place?" Usually what follows is a string of sorting through mutual acquaintances or interests and trying to pinpoint where the initial connection was made. That's what happened when I met Jana this week while down in Phoenix, Ariona. :) Jana works at her family business, along with her mom and 3 sisters. As luck would have it, they just happen to have the coolest family business on the planet: A spa. (Seriously, what could be better than hanging out all day at the spa? In Phoenix, nonetheless...) Anyway, back to the game of "Six Degrees of Separation"... turns out it wasn't 6 degrees at all, only 2. Admittedly the game didn't last as long as one might have imagined, but it was still fun. :) When I moved ...

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