Phoenix, Arixona – Whole Foods, Whole Friends, Whole Lotta Fun!

When I started the Social Media Adventure, it was driven by love. (Insert a big Awwwwww, isn't that sweet? here.) More specifically, it was driven by a love for 2 things in particular: My love for people (and making new friends) A love for social media To be honest, what could be more fun than combining those things? I didn't think it was possible... But my recent trip to Phoenix Arizona opened my eyes to another possibility, and another true love of mine: FOOD. Enter Stephanie. Stephanie Quilao, aka @SkinnyJeans, has arguably the coolest job on the planet. She blogs about food. (Technically, it's not a job, it's her business... AND, technically she doesn't just blog about food, she's on a mission to show people how eating healthy can be fun and easy.) Either way you slice it, blogging about food is, in my opinion, pretty freakin' awesome. So, wanting to have the experience ...

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Social Media Adventure in Moab, Utah – Arches National Park

Wow, Moab was HOT! :) After a fantastic time in Salt Lake City & Provo, we took the Social Media Adventure to Southern Utah to visit Moab and Arches National Park.  We were so sticky by the time we arrived in Moab... I don't think it ever cools off there! It was still 95 degrees at midnight by the time we checked into the ...

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