Couchsurfing VS Facebook – Which is more important to Social Media?

I was reflecting on how when I first launched the Social Media Adventure over 2 years ago, I wasn't really doing anything new... to me at least. The concept of traveling around the world to meet people for the purpose of forming & strengthening relationships was something that I, as well as many others, I'm sure, have been doing even before the advent of Facebook & Twitter. Better Than Being Interviewed On TV My adopted little sister interviewed me recently for a report she had to do for high school. This report was supposed to be about someone who lived in a different generation... (how's that to make me feel old?)  She wanted to know more about why I set out to travel across the country and meet all these people that I had only previously connected with through Social Media. It struck me that 15 years earlier I made an identical journey... with far less technology. 1996 - The First Adventure... Hitch-hiking In the summer ...

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