The Twitter Addiction – Social Media Adventure featured in Times Publications Article

I haven't been diligent about posting when the Social Media Adventure is featured in the media... but I'm turning over a new leaf. Recently, Jimmy Magahern wrote an article entitled The Twitter Addiction for the Times Publications, one of Arizona's prominent news publications. Love it or hate it, the Valley’s top tweeters can’t stay off the social media site. When does RT, OH and #justsayin simply become TMI? The article profiles some of the prominent twitter users in the Phoenix area and highlights some of the pitfalls, and pleasures, of the latest social media phenomenon, Twitter. Other people featured in the article (some of whom I've met in person on the Social Media Adventure) are: Alyce Flynn @ciaobella50 Francine Hardaway @Hardaway Brian Shaler @BRIANSHALER Be sure to check them out and say hello! :) I am pleased that the articles ends on the note (with a quote from me) that the end result of all social media should be a handshake or a hug. It's such a simple, but ...

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Social Media Adventure visits Pisew Falls in Thompson, Manitoba

In Canada, we have an addiction. It's an addiction to long weekends. You see, each month of the year, we need to have a holiday which gives us an excuse to stop working and enjoy the beautiful country around us. (Or go drink beer) Each month has a very good reason. ie: New Years, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Victoria Day, Family Day, etc.... August doesn't have ...

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