Do you want to participate in the adventure? We would LOVE for you to join us! :)

The Social Media Adventure has already proved to have an incredible impact as we’ve been traveling around, and we want to see that trend continue! Right now there are a few primary ways you can get involved:

  • Travel with me in the car! If you are adventurous, can point a camera and publish a blog post, you’re in! (You just have to join the contest first, like everyone else) Check out the contest details for The Coolest Summer Job Ever
  • Invite me/us to come visit you! The whole point of the adventure is to create genuine relationships with real people… if you are a real person, let’s connect! Get in touch with me through Facebook or Twitter!

There are lots of other ways you can participate as well.  All of them are exciting in their own way, and will give you a warm fuzzy feeling

  • Share the adventure! If you are in Media, great! We’d love to connect with your outlet to share the message of what we are doing! If not, blog about us, tweet about us, facebook or myspace about us!
  • Interact with us as we travel! We love hearing from you as we travel, so follow us on twitter, facebook, leave comments on our blog, etc. If you have a place you think we should stop…let us know!
  • Contribute to the cause! The reason we are doing this is to raise awareness on the importance of genuine loving relationships in all of our lives. You can do your part by:
    • Reaching out to someone – show your support to the cause by showing support to someone in need! reach out to friends, family or strangers in a way that lets them know that you care!
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