Fun times in Dallas with Michelle Sedas

One of my favorite connections on the Social Media Adventure is most definitely Michelle Sedas. The short version of the story is that Michelle was one of the funniest participants ever in the "text Joseph to keep him awake while he's driving" game. (The long version would take a book... so, we're writing a book together) Why You Should Love Michelle Sedas Michelle is an amazing woman. According to her website: Michelle Sedas is the author of Welcome The Rain, Live Inspired, and the coauthor of The Power of 10%. She is the cofounder of Running Moms Rock and the host of the Inspired Living Cafe. Michelle graduated from Texas A&M University in 1999. She is a member of Mensa International and Toastmasters International and lives in Texas with her husband and two children. What her website doesn't tell you is that she has probably one of the most powerful minds on ...

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Social Media Adventure goes to Costa Rica

When I first launched the Social Media Adventure, I wanted to connect with online friends that I hadn't met in person. Very simply, I started driving and went to various cities meeting my social media acquaintances in real life. The support was absolutely overwhelming, and more often than not I was asked the question by those I hadn't yet met in person: When are you coming to my city? ...

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Fundraiser + Book-Drive + Tweetup = Toys For Tots Success

It doesn't take much to touch a life... but it means so much. That's what today's story is about: how a small group of people are touching lives. I once heard it said that: if you can learn to read, you can learn anything. I believe that to be not only true, but also very powerful. That's why I love reading. A ...

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