Where is my Tuxedo?? (Another Reason I’m #LovinLogistics)

When I started the Social Media Adventure way back in the early days, I threw a few shirts & shorts into the trunk of my car and hit the highway to meet my online friends in person.  I wanted to put a practical application to the notion that the web is connecting us and bringing us together. Some things have changed since I originally departed, but the wardrobe situation is pretty much the same. (I'm a simple guy.) Road trips rarely call for any sort of formal wear... but lately I have wondered if I've graduated beyond a basic road-tripper into the big leagues. You see, lately I've had some fancy-pants events that I've had to dress up for. Does that make me important? Fancy-pants Event #1: Boys & Girls Club Fundraiser The Boys & Girls Club is one of my favorite charities. I love the practical work they do in giving children the resources, relationships ...

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The Engagement Video – Joseph’s Surprise Birthday Party

In case you missed the party (or the news segment that told the story) here’s an inside peek at what happened the night we got engaged. Special thanks to our good friend Jacki Semerau (@SOCJacki) for lovingly creating this memento.

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The Best Office Support Team Ever… Starbucks

As part of what Tim Ferriss (Author of Four Hour Work Week) has coined as the New Rich, I'm never tied to a single location.  I love being on the road and experiencing the things you can't enjoy from behind a desk. To do this, I need the help of my team.  Most of my team is remotely located (the majority are overseas) which is nice for scalability. ...

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Breaking news.. Joseph Ranseth & Beverly Kidd Engaged to be Married!

In my earlier post about how I had the Best Birthday Ever I mentioned that our story was shared on the news within an hour or so of Bev & I getting engaged. Here is the clip and original post from 3TV. 3TV News @ 9! anchor Beverly Kidd got engaged to her sweetheart, Joseph Ranseth during his surprise birthday party Tuesday. Congratulations! See the original story on AZFamily.com

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