Best Birthday Ever… (I got engaged)

Today I had the best birthday ever.... Not only did I have a surprise birthday, but I also got engaged. :) Photo by Stephanie Quilao Here it is, the picture that made our special day public.  It was taken around 8:30pm on December 28th at my “surprise” birthday party. My good friend @SkinnyJeans posted it to twitter immediately and within minutes, @AZFamily (Channel 3TV) had also tweeted it. After that, all hell broke loose. :) Within 30 minutes it was on News at 9 with Beverly Kidd. (Although Beverly Kidd was off for the night to celebrate the engagement and birthday party) An hour or so later, both @BeverlyKidd & @JosephRanseth were trending on Twitter in Phoenix. Thank you so much to everyone for your support and love! (More details to come...)

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The Secret To Running a Business While Being A Road-Trip Addict

With the launch of the recent #MBTweetRace by Mercedes Benz USA, everyone is talking about Road Trips. Yes, it seems like all of Twitter has Road Trip Fever. Now, I'm not so arrogant to say that I invented road trips, but I will be so arrogant to say that I have mastered the art of combining Social Media with road trips. (At least for me...) With so many people ...

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