Homemade Burgers & Fries + Custom Orthotics = Indiana

Okay kids, it's Quiz Time! (I'd give you a prize for answering correctly but I'm going to answer the question for you, so you'll just have to pat yourself on the back if you know the answer before I give it to you.) Okay, here is the big question: What do the following organizations have in common? Apple inc. Mattel, the toy manufacturer Seattle grunge band Nirvana The Walk EZ Store by Kathy Carandang Did you get it? I'll tell you anyway... They're all mega-success stories with the common bond of starting in the garage. Last year I partnered with my good friend, and Guerrilla Marketing™ expert Brett Curry (@BrettCurry) for a social media & guerrilla marketing bootcamp coaching program. (Yeah, I know, that's a moutful... we couldn't think of a shorter name. *sigh*) Anyway, one of my favorite coaching clients was Kathy Carandang, founder of the Walk EZ Store and creator of the EZ Walker custom orthotics. The ...

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Six Degrees of Social Media Separation & Phoenix Spa Adventures

Have you ever connected with someone on social media only to later ask the question,"how in the world did we get connected in the first place?" Usually what follows is a string of sorting through mutual acquaintances or interests and trying to pinpoint where the initial connection was made. That's what happened when I met Jana this week while down in Phoenix, Ariona. :) Jana ...

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16 People on Twitter Who Inspire the World – Huffington Post Article

"What inspires you?" asks the recent article on Huffington Post. In attempt to answer that question: In one of his great pieces on inspiration, Russell Simmons writes, We are thinking about the question "What inspires you?" and we are inspired by compassionate love. With great love all things are possible. This is true. In Mahatma Gandhi's words, "love is the strongest force the world possesses, and yet it is ...

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Shortcuts In Social Networking & Stranded in the Tropics

It was a cold, snowy night in Winnipeg (that's in Canada in case you didn't know) and I had an hour of driving left. Following my usual keep-me-from-dozing-while-driving protocol, I posted a tweet inviting my followers to phone me and chat. Ring, ring. "Uh, hello. Is this Joseph?" Asked the sweetest southern drawl I'd heard since the last time I was in Atlanta. "Why yes it is," I replied. "Who ...

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Nashville – No country singers, but plenty of Social Media nerds.

It's amazing how quickly the highway passes when you're driving nearly 100 miles per hour. Ummm, anyway... As I pulled my little yellow bee into Nashville, I tweeted my goal for Nashville: Plan for Nashville: 1) date a country singer, 2) find a hip hop radio station. #SMA2010 (see the tweet) Some is better than none right? I found a hip-hop station... No luck on the country singer thing. ...

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