Social Media Adventure begins… Winnipeg to Denver!

It's midnight, I've just finished playing basketball.... what is the obvious next thing to do?  (well yes, shower, but I mean AFTER that...) Fill up the tank, post my cell # to twitter and start driving to Denver! The Social Media Adventure Summer Tour Officially Begins! The first leg of the journey begins with a trip to Denver, where I will visit my absolute favorite Social Media connection: @TamaraSchilling (For more information on why she's my favorite, visit This part of my trip is solo, which means I don't get to nap while someone else drives Bumblebee, my shiny yellow car that I secretly pretend is a transformer.  To help me stay awake, I send out a tweet inviting any night owls to text me.... special shout outs to: @Aug1698 & @aka55 for responding with some exciting text messages! (Seriously, you guys rock) Even though I am excited to make it to Denver, I take it ...

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Social Media Adventure featured on CBS Backstage Live

Hey Friends, this Saturday (June 27th) I will be interviewed on the CBS morning show Backstage Live and I'd love for you to be a part of it with me! The topic of the interview will be Social Media... they approached me because of my summer Social Media Adventure. (If you haven't checked it out yet, read all about it at: ) In the interview, we'll cover the ...

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Social Media Adventure evolves into a “Social Media Love Story”

Many of you know that I chose Denver as my first stop on the Social Media Adventure for a very specific reason... (hint, it begins with @ and ends with TamaraSchilling) If you have read my original post on The Power of Social Media to Create Genuine Relationships then you know that I am passionate about connecting with people, for business and for pleasure.  Well, what began as ...

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