#12DaysOfGiving Day 11: Lisa Hammond @thebarefootceo & Grameen America

For Day 11 of the #12DaysOfGiving challenge, we are thrilled to feature Lisa Hammond, The Barefoot CEO (@TheBarefootCEO). Lisa is a powerhouse of a woman making an impact on the planet, and we are fortunate enough to be connected to her through my good friend Michelle Sedas (@MichelleSedas). Lisa's twitter bio reads: Best Selling Author of Dream Big, and 5 other books. Founder Femail Creations. Passionate about helping others find, follow & reinvent their dreams. Lisa's charity of choice, is an incredibly genius organization, Grameen America. In her own words: Gifts that Give Back Last year for Christmas I got a goat, water, a small business in Haiti, and a brain.  Please allow me to explain… My son donated a goat in my honor through Heifer International. My daughter donated to Kiva in my honor.  Through Kiva I was able to fund a woman with a micro loan for her business in Haiti. My husband donated drinking water in my honor to a village through Charity Water. My sister donated her ...

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#12DaysOfGiving Day 10: Dan Meyer @halfdan & @Compassion International

Day 10 of the #12DaysOfGiving challenge features the one and very only Dan Meyer. Connecting with Dan was one of those totally random-but-not-really-random moments that social media provides. While entertaining different ideas on how we could make the Social Media Adventure much bigger than it started, I asked a question about Guinness World Records... Who else would chime in, but this heavily decorated GWR holder himself? His Twitter bio ...

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