Flying To Phoenix from the Grand Forks International Airport – North Dakota

Like many Winnipeggers (people who live in Winnipeg) I was fascinated when I heard that you could fly from Grand Forks, North Dakota to Phoenix, Arizona for $19. Yes, $19. As in, less than twenty bucks. On a good day, a flight to Phoenix from Winnipeg will cost in the $300-$350 mark. Not an overly expensive flight considering Southwest doesn't fly out of any Canadian cities. :( Grand Forks is only a short, 2 hour drive from Winnipeg (less if you're driving Bumblebee) so $19 seems like a great way to save a few bucks and to catch up with an old friend who I convince to drive me down. ;) The airline that flies out of the Grand Forks International Airport is called Allegiant. They are a Las Vegas based company that provides a lot of package tours, fun excursions, etc. I didn't bother buying any of the fun tours they offered ...

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