About The Social Media Adventure

2009 Social Media Adventure

2009 Social Media Adventure

What began years ago as a cross-country road trip to prove a point has evolved into a nationwide revolution of social good.

In the spring of 2009 Joseph Ranseth launched The Social Media Adventure with nothing but a cell phone and a mission. Driving across the continent in Bumblebee, his shiny yellow sports car, Joseph went from city to city meeting, in-person, his friends that he had previously only connected with through the social media. The point was simple, but profound: To prove the power of Social Media to create genuine, lasting, in-person relationships.

CrowdriseSince that first trip, the Social Media Adventure has gone to great lengths to find an answer to the question:

How Much Good Can We Do?

City to city, coast to coast, country to country, the Social Media Adventure unites people in good causes from volunteering in local communities, fundraising for good causes on Crowdrise, relationship building and just plain awesome fun worthy of picture-taking. It if does good, we’re into it.

Why don’t you join us? We promise, it’ll be the most fun ever…

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