Social Media Adventure meets Jim Cuddy of Blue Rodeo

What an awesome day…

I’m always ranting about the amazing power that social media has to bring people together for a good cause (the Bad Hair fundraising project for autism this past week has been a great example of that), but my favorite stories to tell are the ones where cool stuff seems to happen totally at random. (Take Social Media Serendipity part 1, 2 or 3 for example)

Today was one of those days.

Here’s the chain of events:

  • I met some great people at a tweetup in Winnipeg earlier this summer
  • They introduced me to @PayChen through Twitter when I suggested that I might be looking for an apartment in Winnipeg
  • Pay introduced me to @SeanGrech, a producer at CityTV in Winnipeg, who wants to do a story about our Bad Hair for Autism fundraiser
  • I head down to the station this morning to meet the crew who is doing the story and….
  • Lo and behold, who is there? None other than a childhood hero of mine, Canadian music legend Jim Cuddy. (For those of you who aren’t aware, Jim is the front man of Canadian iconic band Blue Rodeo.)

I’m not really one to be starstruck (largely because I don’t own a TV and never recognize famous people) but seeing Jim give a private concert in the TV studio made me giddy like a schoolchild.

If you haven’t had the blessing of knowing some Blue Rodeo tunes. Here are a few of my favorites – and some lyrics – from back in the day:

  • Jim Cuddy, Blue Rodeo

    Me + Jim Cuddy = Pure Awesome

    Five Days In May – “funny how you can look in vain, living on nerves and such sweet pain, loneliness that cuts so fine, find the place you’ve seen a thousand times.”

  • Lost Together – “And I want all the world to know that your love’s all I need… and if we’re lost, then we are lost together.”
  • Hasn’t Hit Me Yet – “You say that you’re leaving, well that comes as no surprise. Still I kinda like this feeling of being left behind…”
  • Rain Down on Me – “too much a child, confident and wild, nobody taught you how to live, what to keep and what to give…”

Here’s a bootleg video I shot without permission from the TV station:

Pretty sweet, huh?

(I hope they don’t give me crap)

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