The Ugliness Takes A Turn Toward Beautiful…


That’s really the only thing that can be said at this point.

What started out as a fun little idea to raise a few dollars for charity, while simultaneously making fun of my poor grooming habits and subsequent lack of dates, has now evolved into a super fun little soap opera.

Aimee Allenback

As if you needed another reason to donate than this...

First, Carl Seier made fun of my original idea that getting a haircut would actually even help me get a date anyway. He committed to shave his head – under the premise of helping raise an extra $500 – but really I think he just wanted to prove that he’d get more dates than me, even with a bald head.

Well, he might not be right after all…

Because now another challenger has stepped up to the plate, and this time, the additional $500 she’s challenged us to raise will actually result in me getting a date.

Meet Aimee, here’s what she has to say:

So, you know what to do. Please give, for the children’s sake.



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  • Is the pic on twitter the new haircut?? Looking good:) I’d totally encourage you to go out for a good time!! 

  • Is your Twitter pic the new haircut?? Looking good:) I’d totally encourage you to go out together!!

  • Joseph Ranseth

    The picture on Twitter is before I grew my hair out. It’s still ugly, will be getting it cut soon. :)

    I will definitely go out on a date with this Aimee woman, she is adorable and I love her commitment. We just need to raise the next $500.

  • K_bay01

    Aimee is a good friend of mine and she is absolutely adorable!  I hope this extra $500 gets raised!!

  • Joseph Ranseth

    She seems absolutely adorable! I’m hoping this $500 gets raised too, for my sake, just as much as for the kids. :)

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