Bad Hair Day turns even uglier…
Social Media Fundraiser for National Autism Association

If you’ve been following along, a few days ago I launched a Crowdrise campaign to raise $500 for the National Autism Association. After 7 months of not cutting my hair, I decided to put that ugliness to good use. Refusing to cut my hair, I posted some really ugly “Bad Hair” photos until our goal was reached… it only took 3 days. (Yes, it was that ugly)

Now it’s getting even uglier.

Carl Seier, a good friend of mine and Winnipeg Real Estate Agent has responded to a challenge made by another friend of ours, Joanna Palumbo (who owns a Winnipeg Maid Service) to shave his head. He took it like a man and has now committed to shave his head… if we can raise an additional $500 for the cause.

Here’s his official challenge:

Will you respond to his challenge and help us raise a total of $1000? Visit Crowdrise and make your tax-deductible donation now!

If you do, I’ll post pictures of Carl after we shave his head. 😉
(And yes, I’ll keep posting Bad Hair pics each day as well)

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