Dinner with a Homeless Dude
Meeting Mark Horvath, found of Invisible People.

As it always does, it began with a tweet…. 20 minutes later I was having dinner with a homeless dude.

Actually, you can safely blame @GregHartle for this fiasco. Him and @tahlari, to be precise.

Me and Mark Horvath (@HardlyNormal)

Me and Mark Horvath (@HardlyNormal)

After seeing @tahlari send a tweet announcing a presentation by Mark Horvath, champion of the cause to bring light to the homeless:

Have you or someone you know been affected by homelessness? Please join us tomorrow for Mark Horvath’s presentation at 280 main st at 6:30pm

I was reminded of a blog post I read back in January from @GregHartle‘s project: Ten Dollars & A Laptop: Socks and a Smile: A Glimpse Into Homelessness In America

Something about the socks stuck in my mind, and I remembered @hardlynormal‘s name. So I responded to @GregHartle:

Hey @greghartle, isn’t @hardlynormal one of your friends? We are both in Peg City at the same time. Would love to connect. #Winnipeg #intro

Greg responded in the affirmative, and volunteered me to buy Mark dinner. 20 minutes later we were in a restaurant and I was hearing all about how Mark went from a very good job in Hollywood, working in TV, to being homeless. After rebuilding his life, he committed himself to bringing visibility to homelessness and, more specifically, the homeless. Thus began the InvisiblePeople.tv project.

Mark’s project is an amazing example of the power of Social Media to have a positive impact on people’s lives… and the world.

Will you join Mark and the rest of the InvisiblePeople.tv team to help heal the world of homelessness?

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