Social Media Stole My Kidney

The focus on the Social Media Adventure is to demonstrate the power of Social Media to bring people together to form authentic in-person relationships. While the majority of the posts on here are experiences from my own travels, this one was WAY too cool to pass up.

Amy Donohue (@TheFabulousOne ) is an “unfiltered & vocal woman” (Her words, I wanted to use “loud mouth”) and often speaks without thinking. That gets her plenty of laughs as a comedian, but it got her plenty more when, in response to @DiyaMarketing‘s tweet about her mother’s need for a kidney transplant, she blurted out:

I’ll do it. I’ll donate my kidney. What do I need to do?

Here’s the story as Amy tells it:

Love the ending: “I gotta pee.”

The story has gotten tons of recognition in the media and #TinyFabKidney was a trending topic in Twitter.

Check out the feature spot on The Today Show:

There is still plenty of opportunity to help.

As Amy mentioned in her video, the surgeries cost nearly a million bucks, and there were plenty of out of pocket expenses along with that. If you have a heart to skip a meal and donate the cost to help these awesome ladies, check out their Facebook page or visit for more information. If you make a donation, leave a comment here and I’ll send you a postcard or give you a shout out on twitter or something else totally awesome.

Don’t think, just do something good.

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